General Rules and Code of Conduct

The University of Toronto’s International English Programs follow all Canadian laws and policies. Students participating in the program will be responsible for doing so as well. Please note that, should any student violate any rules that result in expulsion, it is their responsibility to arrange their transit home. Students will be given an extensive presentation on these rules when they arrive.

Discipline/Program Response

Disruption of our camp environment or any of the policies listed below will result in any or all of the following action:

Meeting with program staff


Immediate suspension from the program

Immediate expulsion from the program

Program Environment

Our program maintains a space where everyone can feel safe, have fun, and enjoy a positive learning environment.  Including others and respect are important parts of our program.


Under Canadian law, it’s illegal for those younger than 19 to purchase or consume alcohol.


By law, you cannot smoke or hold lighted tobacco in any enclosed workplace, any enclosed public places and specifically designated outdoor places in Ontario.

If you smoke or hold lighted tobacco in a place where it has been prohibited, you may be ticketed and charged a fine. Please be mindful of all “No Smoking” signs in and around the campus.


No drugs are permitted. Students who require medication must report these medications to the Summer Programs Office prior to their arrival

Fire Alarms

Do NOT pull the fire alarm unless there is a fire. You can be fined up to CAD $500.00 per fire truck that responds, typically 3. Should there be an actual fire, please go ahead and use the alarm.

Residence Rooms (If applicable)

You are responsible for keeping your room clean. You are responsible for closing your doors and ensuring they are locked. You should keep your keys with them at all times. The Program is not responsible for lost or stolen items. If your room key is lost or damaged, it will be replaced at your expense.

Common Areas

Clean up after yourself in common areas. Any damage to or removal of property within the residence is forbidden. You’ll have to pay for any damages to residence property.


You are responsible for showing up to activities on time. Failure to arrive on time may result in missing the day’s activities with no refunds. It’s your job to know when and where to be. Counsellors are always there to help, of course! Always be respectful of places we visit.

Inappropriate Dress

Inappropriate dress is clothing that does not meet our community standards of decency and includes language and/or images related to violence, profanity, discrimination of any kind, or is demeaning to an individual or group.