Afternoon Workshops

Workshops are engaging activities and counsellor-facilitated workshops for students registered only in morning classes. Workshops are a fun way to meet new people and learn new skills. Each workshop will meet repeatedly throughout camp and students will have an opportunity to work towards a project in their area of interest.

Activity & Wellness
This workshop focuses on physical activity, fitness, and nutrition to encourage a healthy lifestyle. This is a workshop for athletic campers to show off their skills and maybe even lead their own workshops with counsellor guidance!

The workshop could include:
| yoga | dance | martial arts | running | swimming | health & wellness |

Art & Craft
This workshop is an opportunity for creative self-expression. This workshop will let campers explore how they express themselves through art and showcase their work at camp.

The workshop could include:
| painting | drawing | braiding | writing | crafting | sewing |

Performance Art
This workshop provides a space for our campers to organize and perform for their community. This is a great workshop for campers to have some laughs with improvisation games, or even to put together their own play.

The workshop could include:
| singing | dancing | comedy | storytelling | performance art | theatre | Improvisation |

This workshop allows campers to share and communicate elements of their culture and cuisine through food. Counsellors will guide campers through food safety and basics of following a recipe, meal prep, baking, cooking, and proper use of kitchen tools. This workshop introduces campers to important and useful skills while sharing flavours and tastes from home.

The workshop could include:
| baking | cooking | food safety | following a recipe | meal preparation |

Media is great way to both show off our own culture and learn about others. Our counsellors will work with campers to produce media about their time at camp and the world they are being exposed to with things like videography and photography. This is a great workshop for campers to show off their social media skills and create the photos and videos that we can all remember the summer by!

The workshop could include:
| videography | photography| collages | camp newsletter | social media | digital responsibility |

Intramural & Organized Sport
This workshop is for our campers interested in athletics, teamwork, and sportmanship. Campers who like team sports, trying new things, competition, and including others will love this workshop.

The workshop could include:
| football (soccer) | basketball | being a team player | organizing sports | leadership | refereeing |